• Partners Card Once Again Bypasses the Million Dollar Mark

    by Manju Alexander | Dec 06, 2013

     2013 Partners Card Surpasses the Million Dollar Mark

    Partners Card Once Again Bypasses The Million $ Mark For The Family Place

    December 4, 2013
    by Jeanne Prejean

    Congrats to the Partners Card Co-Chairs Annika Cail, Sara Rastegar Friedman and Katy Wilson Duvall. This year’s effort raised $1,150,884 for The Family Place.
    Not only did they bring in the cash, they may have changed the marketing plans for some in the hood.
    The announcement was just made at Museum Tower before the cold weather hit.  Only goes to prove that spending does save money and changes lives.

    Read more at MySweetCharity.com.

  • We are thankful for you

    by Manju Alexander | Nov 28, 2013

    Today, we have 74 women and children at The Family Place Safe Campus.

    We are thankful for you. You have given each one of them a safe place to enjoy their Thanksgiving meal.

    Wishing you and your family a Happy Thanksgiving!

    2013 Thanksgiving - We are thankful for you. You have given each of these women and children a safe place to enjoy their Thanksgiving meal. Wishing you and your family a Happy Thanksgiving!

  • Dallas has become Global Leader on Stopping Domestic Violence

    by Manju Alexander | Nov 26, 2013

    How Dallas Has Become a Global Leader on Stopping Domestic Violence

    November 26, 2013
    by Dan Solomon
    Texas Monthly

    Last March, Dallas mayor Mike Rawlings made headlines after hosting a major rally against domestic violence in the city. The event took place at the AT&T Stadium, where the Cowboys play, and featured major names among the speakers—Emmitt Smith, Roger Staubach, Dez Bryant, and Brandon Carr all spoke, representing the football team, and the non-sports names included religious and political leaders from throughout the area.

    The event, part of Rawlings's Dallas Men Against Abuse initiative, came shortly after the mayor spoke to the UN about domestic violence. And his statements as part of human rights organization Breakthrough's "Ring The Bell" campaign, which puts the onus on men to end domestic violence against women, are concise and convincing:

    “Make no mistake: men’s violence against women is a men’s issue- It’s our problem. And I’m here to say we’ve had enough of women being disrespected, and we won’t tolerate it any longer. It’s not only about not being violent; it’s about changing a culture that says ‘violence is okay.’ I promise to stop laughing at jokes we’ve all participated in. I promise to speak out against domestic violence. And I’m asking men in Dallas — and everywhere — to do the same. Let’s make our homes, and our cities, safe for all.”

    Since the rally, Rawlings has remained involved in these efforts. This month, he returned to using football as a pathway to approach men about domestic violence, calling on men at all Dallas high school football games to take a pledge at halftime to never hit a woman. Much of Rawlings's focus on the issue has centered around the idea of masculinity and challenging the notion that violence is strength. That can be a muddy point in stadiums where violence and strength are so directly intertwined on the field, but reaching men in an environment where machismo runs high has its advantages too. At the very least, it's interesting to see a civic leader address the larger cultural issues surrounding certain ideas about masculinity when advocating for social change.

    The latest part of Dallas's efforts, meanwhile, are more traditional: Attempting to shift the dialogue is admirable and may, ultimately, be the only real way to address these issues—but domestic violence is also a law enforcement issue. To that end, the Dallas Morning News reported this week about DPD's plan for ongoing home visits in cases where authorities have found previously-reported cases to be at high-risk for another incident:

    Police are considering a home-visit program where officers would personally check on the most vulnerable victims. They hope that strategy would help victims feel supported and prevent abusers from escalating the violence.

    “Just the knocking on the door … is going to send a message to both the victim and the perpetrator,” said Lt. Miguel Sarmiento, who oversees the family violence unit.

    Home visits are already part of the approach taken in New York, where 450 officers are assigned to check in with "children, elderly, and people police suspect will be abused again," according to the paper. In Dallas, meanwhile, the city is struggling with the idea of adding the program without hiring additional officers. That's something that criminal justice blog Grits For Breakfast suspects isn't viable, citing the resources DPD expends on false home burglar alarm check-ins:

    You can't get something for nothing in this world and that includes extra police resources, even if it's to implement a good idea. Policing, like every other government function, involves trade-offs. Not everything can get done in a world of limited resources. I'd rather see officers following up on high-risk domestic violence cases than chasing after thousands of false burglar alarms, but between the public's ignorance and the alarm industry's political clout, in the near term the trade-off will almost certainly continue to prioritize the latter over the former.

    Manpower issues may just be part of the territory when you talk about increased awareness on this issue, though. The statistics since Rawlings' began the initiative are certainly impressive: Victims are taking their abusers to court fourteen percent more frequently than they did a year ago, while aggravated assault charges in such cases are down by six percent, which Dallas Police Chief Deputy Sherryl Scott attributes to the mayor's campaign:

    “Not just our victims, but our abusers are paying attention,” she said.

    With more domestic violence victims willing to prosecute, there’s more pressure on the district attorney’s office. Prosecutors already handle about 2,000 felony cases, and up to 4,500 misdemeanor cases each year, said Tammy Kemp, who oversees the family violence division.

    Kemp said the best way to speed those cases through the system would be more manpower — and that costs money. A Rawlings spokesman said the mayor offered to speak with leaders in Dallas County — which funds the district attorney’s office — to advocate for additional funding.

    Also, increased awareness may have resulted in more victims seeking help from local shelters. Through September of this year, shelters reported hotline calls are up more than 20 percent.

    Paige Flink, executive director of The Family Place shelter, attributes that increase to the mayor’s work. “Victims saw that and thought maybe someone’s going to listen to me,” she said.

    All of this is encouraging—if it does speak to the next challenge that Rawlings and the city seem likely to face. Having decidedly masculine figures like star Cowboys players directly challenge the idea that violence is strength, and calling on men and boys directly to pledge not to hit women, are significant. Ultimately, long-term change will only come through a cultural shift, and the early returns here suggest that this is all having an effect. For Dallas to continue to earn its leadership role here, though, they'll have to figure out how to increase the resources that come at the next level.

    Read more in Texas Monthly.

  • The Family Place Announces Funding from Texas Bar Foundation

    by Manju Alexander | Nov 26, 2013

    The Family Place Announces Funding from Texas Bar Foundation 

    NOVEMBER 26, 2013 – DALLAS – The Family Place, a non-profit agency dedicated to ending family violence, recently received funding from the Texas Bar Foundation to implement Legal Services for Victims of Domestic Violence. Since its inception in 1965, the Texas Bar Foundation has awarded more than $15 million in grants to law-related programs. Supported by members of the State Bar of Texas, the Texas Bar Foundation is the nation’s largest charitably-funded bar foundation.


    The Family Place empowers victims of family violence by providing safe housing, counseling and skills that create independence while building community engagement and advocating for social change to stop family violence. In 1978, a group of community volunteers organized The Family Place as one of the first family violence service organizations in the state. Today, we are still a grassroots organization supported by dedicated volunteers.

    In 35 years, we have counseled more than 190,000 clients, provided lifesaving shelter to more than 20,000 women, children and men, and answered more than 500,000 calls for help. We have helped more than 15,500 batterers learn how to change their abusive behavior and reach approximately 6,500 students each year through our youth education programs. All of our programs are provided in Spanish and in English. For more information, visit www.familyplace.org.

  • Stanley Korshak Presents Partners Card Check to The Family Place

    by Manju Alexander | Nov 21, 2013

    On Thursday, November 21, Stanley Korshak presented a very large check (over $30,000!) to The Family Place Executive Director Paige Flink from the money raised during 2013 Partners Card benefiting The Family Place.

    Thank you to Stanley Korshak! The Family Place and all our families at Safe Campus are so grateful for everything that you do.

    Stanley Korshak Partners Card Check Presentation 2013

  • Stand Up (to bullying) Awareness Week

    by Manju Alexander | Nov 20, 2013

    Be Project - 2013 Bullying Awareness Week

    2013 Stand Up! (to bullying) Awareness Week
    Join the Be Project as we celebrate Stand Up! (to bullying) Awareness Week fromNovember 17th-23rd!
    This is a week when you can join other students across the Metroplex (and the country) take a stand against bullying. Get your school, your team, your youth group, your friends & your community involved!
    Check out this Calendar (click here) complete with daily announcements, themes, and event/activity options to help you celebrate Stand Up! Week.

    There is also a Pledge (click here) you can use, a list of other ways you can Get Involved! (click here) or get creative & come up with your own!

    Tell us how you will Be More and Stand Up!

  • Honoring Texas Women

    by Manju Alexander | Oct 29, 2013

    We are honoring the 114 women who lost their lives in 2012 in Texas due to #domesticviolence for National Domestic Violence Awareness Month!


  • It is a Partners Card sighting

    by Manju Alexander | Oct 29, 2013
    It's a Partners Card sighting!! Check out Sleep Experts billboard!

    Thank you Sleep Experts for sponsoring Partners Card benefiting The Family Place!


  • Partners Card Deals from The Broadcast TV

    by Manju Alexander | Oct 29, 2013
  • Partners Card Co-Chair Sara Friedman on The Broadcast TV

    by Manju Alexander | Oct 29, 2013
  • Paige Flink on Good Moring Texas with Steve Noviello

    by Manju Alexander | Oct 29, 2013
    Watch Executive Director Paige Flink on Good Morning Texas with Steve Noviello on October 22!


  • Galleria Dallas does its part to boost Partners Card success

    by Manju Alexander | Oct 29, 2013

    Galleria Dallas does its part to boost Partners Card success

    October 20, 2013
    by Diana Oates
    CultureMap Dallas

    Dallas shoppers are giddy as school girls this time of year, when the Partners Card comes to town for 10 days to help us save on early holiday purchases while supporting the Family Place. Now is the time to buy them, and Galleria Dallas is the place.

    A longtime supporter of the Partners Card program, Galleria Dallas is doing a little extra this year to help. There are overachievers in every group, and, in this case, they are welcomed and appreciated.

    Starting October 18, the Galleria will donate an additional $5 to the Family Place for every card sold at one of its retailers. Dozens of Galleria stores participate in the Partners Card program, including Thomas Pink, Karen Millen, Michael Kors, Bachendorf’s and many others.

    “This year, we wanted our donation to be felt by thousands of families,” said Galleria Dallas director of marketing Martha Hinojosa in a statement. “Every $5 donation we’re able to make results in two additional meals for a child while in safe shelter.”

    Now before you go running to one of the more than 700 participating retailers and restaurants around Dallas, remember that just because the Partners Card is available for purchase doesn't mean it's ready for action quite yet. The 20 percent discount doesn't start until October 25 and runs through November 3.

    Partners Card is the largest fundraiser for the Family Place. All proceeds from $70 card go directly to the Family Place to support its mission to eliminate family violence through intervention and proactive prevention, extensive community education, advocacy, and assistance for victims and their families.

    Read more at CultureMapDallas.

  • 14 Suggestion for Partners Card Bargain Hunters

    by Manju Alexander | Oct 29, 2013

    Shopping time: 14 suggestions for Partners Card bargain hunters

    October 18, 2013
    by Nancy Baldwin
    The Dallas Morning News

    It’s the time of year seasoned shoppers in Dallas anticipate for months. No, not Black Friday, but Partners Card. Veteran bargain-hunters have the Oct. 25 launch date of the annual shopping event marked with a bold X on their calendars.

    The popular Partners Card bestows on its owners a 20 percent discount on purchases made at participating stores. The card provides an opportunity for area shoppers to spruce up their homes for the holidays and beyond. Even better, 100 percent of the card’s $70 cost benefits the Family Place, a charitable organization dedicated to eliminating family violence.

    “It’s a great kick-off to the holiday season. It gets people in the spirit, and that’s infectious,” says Laura May, owner of the Ivy House in Dallas. “Partners Card is a wonderful opportunity for people to buy new things to enhance their homes. They have the opportunity to buy things that have lasting value, things that never go on sale.”

    If last year’s event was an indicator, shoppers will take advantage of the discount to purchase accessories for fall and winter entertaining.

    “People are buying for the holidays. It’s accessories for the table. It’s dinnerware sets, new linens, placemats, stemware — all the things they’re going to entertain with,” says May.

    The Snider Plaza store owner says this year, home fashion has taken a less formal approach. “The trend is going to a more casual look. I don’t mean inexpensive. Yet, it has the look and feel that it doesn’t require a coat and tie to sit down at the table.”

    Partners Card shoppers will see tabletop accessories, dinnerware and stemware accented with silver elements rather than gold, some with organic or rustic accents.

    “There will always be some gold. But there are new lines with pewter and silver that have come out. There are alternative metals that are alloys. Some are very versatile. You can get the artistic look in a silver metal and not be traditional sterling,” says May.

    Timed to coincide with Domestic Violence Awareness Month, the Partners Card event runs Oct. 25 to Nov. 3. Cards may be purchased at Dallas-area Tom Thumb stores, from community volunteers or at select participating stores. For a list of the more than 750 Partners Card stores and restaurants, go to partnerscard.org.

    Read full article at Dallasnews.com.

  • Congratulations to our Be Project

    by Manju Alexander | Oct 29, 2013
    Congratulations to our Be Project team for taking third place in the professional division of the VetoViolence Teen Dating Violence PSA Contest!

    Watch their entry - Lip Dub - on their YouTube page (link below)!

    Learn more about Be Project at www.familyplacebeproject.org!

    #teendatingviolence #psa

  • Thank You BCBS of Texas

    by Manju Alexander | Oct 29, 2013
    Thank you so much Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Texas! Your generous donation to our clinic will help so many women and children at The Family Place Safe Campus.

    We continue to help these victims with the unwavering support of our community. #thankful

    Thank you BCBS

  • Take the Next Step Training Camp - Session 3 - Training to be a Coach

    by Manju Alexander | Oct 29, 2013
    It's time for Session Three of Training Camp: Training To Be A Coach!

    How to Talk to Athletes
    Presenter: Jeff Johnson, Director of Athletics, Dallas ISD

    Be an Active Bystander - Strategies for Success
    Presenter: David Almager, The Family Place

    October 24, 2013 | 6-8:30PM

    Union Coffee (Refreshments will be provided)

    Learn more at http:// www.familyplace.org/ take-the-next-step-training -camp!

    Training Camp Session 3
  • Mayor Mike Rawlings Campaign to End Abuse in The Dallas Morning News

    by Manju Alexander | Oct 29, 2013

    Editorial: Mayor Rawlings’ campaign to stop domestic violence goes on

    October 15, 2013

    The domestic violence epidemic that Mayor Mike Rawlings declared war on after a brutal January slaying at a Dallas parking garage has hardly disappeared. But the numbers this year show a slight slowdown in domestic violence cases in Dallas.

    Dallas police have investigated a reported 7,749 incidents in the first nine months of 2013. That’s down from 7,848 in the same nine months of 2012.

    Of course, we have no idea how many cases have not been reported. And the real goal is to stop abuse altogether. That’s the aim of the Rawlings-led campaign, which the mayor continues to emphasize.

    Launching a crusade is one thing, but follow-through counts. To Rawlings’ credit, he’s working with police, shelter officials, prosecutors and others to stay focused on this effort. He also has named City Council member Jennifer Staubach Gates to lead a domestic violence task force.

    Similarly, police are prosecuting more attackers this year. They have filed 3,411 cases, up from 2,974 last year. That increase shows more victims are willing to file charges. That can be difficult because of fear of retribution or the trauma of naming a family member, but victims are courageously taking that step.

    Police also are using new techniques to stop perpetrators. For instance, officers are leaving their cellphone numbers with victims in case a batterer returns immediately after an investigation. In at least one case, that small step has already made a big difference in keeping a woman safe.

    On another front, Dallas County felony court judges, led by state District Judge Rick Magnis, are beginning to expedite domestic violence cases. Their goal is to try cases involving abuse suspects within six months of an indictment if the alleged attacker shows a risk for future violence. Experts contend the quicker a case goes to trial for a likely repeat offender, the more likely that person will receive the kind of intervention that will stop him from battering again.

    As encouraging as these developments are, the domestic violence scourge is far from eradicated. So Rawlings’ next effort involves trying to change the kind of family culture that tolerates domestic violence. The mayor will ask those who attend and participate in nine Dallas ISD football games next month to sign a pledge not to hit women. “If you want to be a big man on campus, you can’t hit women,” the mayor said during a recent news conference.

    These efforts can’t bring back Karen Cox Smith, whose estranged husband killed her in that Dallas garage on Jan. 8. But it’s reassuring this campaign continues. For her sake and those of other victims, Dallas can’t relent.

    Big man on campus

    Male attendees at nine DISD football games Nov. 7 and 8 will be asked to sign a pledge not to abuse women. The pledge will be available at DallasMenAgainstAbuse.com.

    Thirty-second public service announcements will run during the games and explain why violence against women is not acceptable.

    Local leaders, including Mayor Mike Rawlings, will make appearances to emphasize the pledge.

    The school with the most signed pledges will win a prize.

     Read more at Dallasenews.com.

  • Partners Cards are now on sale - The Dallas Morning News

    by Manju Alexander | Oct 29, 2013

    Family Place Partners Cards are on sale now

    October 15, 2013
    by Robert Miller
    The Dallas Morning News


    After a record-breaking year in 2012, The Family Place is preparing for another successful shopping extravaganza with Partners Card 2013 presented by Bank of Texas.

    The annual 10-day fundraiser benefits The Family Place, one of the state’s longest-serving providers working against family violence.

    Each Partners Card costs $70, and from Oct. 25 through Nov. 3, cardholders get 20 percent savings at more than 750 participating retailers and restaurants in the Dallas area.

    Participating retailers are in Dallas, Arlington, Grapevine, McKinney, Plano and Southlake, Richardson, Frisco, Coppell, Flower Mound, Denton, Colleyville, Las Colinas, Irving, Mesquite, Addison, Garland, Rockwall and Lewisville.

    All of the money raised from selling Partners Cards benefits The Family Place.

    Last year, The Family Place sold 14,600 cards that raised $1,115,854. In 20 years, the card has raised more than $13 million.

    Annika Cail, Katy Duvall and Sara Friedman are the Partners Card 2013 co-chairs. Mother-daughter duo Beth Rafferty and Shay Geyer are the honorary co-chairs.

    “To be part of this year’s Partners Card is such an exciting and humbling experience,” Cail said, and proceeds will help family violence victims by providing emergency shelter, counseling, medical care, day care and afterschool programs for children, as well as technical and life skills for adults.

    Partners Card 2013 sponsors include:

    $25,000-$34,999: Audi Dallas, Goodson Acura of Dallas and Ylang|23.

    $15,000-$24,999: The Container Store, Galleria Dallas and NorthPark Center.

    $10,000-$14,999: Mary Kay Inc.

    $7,500-$9,999: IBB Design Fine Furnishings, Inwood Village, Tom Thumb and Traffic Los Angeles.

    $5,000-$6,499, Bachendorf’s, Fragomen, Del Rey, Bernsen & Loewy LLP, Modia, St. Bernard Sports, Texas Digestive Disease Consultants and Opal Sponsors.

    $3,000-$4,449: Adrift Float Spa, All Vac, Black Lab Creative, Brynn Bagot Public Relations, Dave & Buster’s, Lovers Boutique, Mockingbird Station, Peacock Alley, Penelope Ann, The Shops at Legacy, West Village, RBC Wealth Management and StarPower.

    Goodson Acura of Dallas will offer 10 percent off MSRP toward the purchase of all remaining 2013 TSX models. Goodson Acura of Dallas and Audi of Dallas will also offer 20 percent discount on service and parts.

    There will also be two ride and drive events to benefit the program. The Audi Dallas Ride & Drive event will be Oct. 26 from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. at NorthPark Center, and the Goodson Acura Ride & Drive event will take place at the Shops at Legacy from 12 noon to 5 p.m. the same day.

    For every ride, Goodson Acura of Dallas and Audi of Dallas will give $10 to the Family Place.

    Galleria Dallas will also contribute $5 per Partners Card sold through Galleria retailers.

    Individuals can buy a Partners Card from any participating retailer or restaurant, card-selling individual, direct mail or The Family Place website. For more information, visit partnerscard.org, contact the Partners Card Hotline at 214-443-7754 or email partnerscard@familyplace.org.

    Read more at Dallasnews.com.

  • Partners Card is Scout of the Day

    by Manju Alexander | Oct 29, 2013

    Partners Card benefiting The Family Place is SO thrilled to be The Scout Guide Dallas Scout of the Day! THANK YOU so much! Check out our amazing spread!

     The Scout Guide Dallas

  • Thanks D Magazine for including us in Links We Love!

    by Manju Alexander | Oct 29, 2013

     Thanks D Magazine for including us in Links We Love!

    Bring in your gently used beauty products to Renee Rouleau Skin Care and they’ll be passed along to the domestic violence survivors of The Family Place. If you don’t have lotions and potions to spare, buy a jar of Glow Enhancing Cream anytime this month and 10 percent of its proceeds also benefit The Family Place!